New functions in Apr 2015


  • Add "Allow Pre-order" and "Display Label " Columns in Import item excel.
  • Show serial number in RI Line in ERP.


  • New report based on LOGI_02 but without grouping.
  • Add receive goods line note in journal for non-stock items.


  • Search sales order by customer ref.


  • Modify the posting of vendor consigned goods. Adding stock will not create journal now. Journals are created only after purchasing the consigned goods.
  • Modify import stock adjust Excel to include serial number column.


  • When modify selling price via POS, need to be approved, and the screen will show difference between selling price and bottom price.

  • When "Apply discount to lines" is select, then both discount percentage and discount amount are splitted into all lines.


  • In "Purchase consigned goods", user can change the purchase price of PO. However this will change the overall profit only. The profit of any existing invoice will not be changed.

  • Add export stock lot function.

  • Reports INVO_37 & INVO_38 are added

  • Sales territory is added. POS sites can belong to one sales territory.

  • User can create "label" such as "Special Price", "New", etc for showing in MOSES Net.

  • Inventory can now include "Used" items. Items added by trade-in are "Used" automatically.

  • Online help is available.
    • To see ERP online help, please visit
    • To see ERP online help, please visit
    • To see ERP online help, please visit


  • "Invoice List" in POS can now see invoices of all other workstations in the same shop.


  • User can list coupons owned by a customer when doing checkout.

  • User role has "Exclude warehouse" setting. Can use this setting to disallow a user from seeing inventory of some specified warehouses from POS.
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