New functions in Jun 2015


  • Allow searching RI by sales type and display sales type in result.
  • Discount rate is added in return inwards lines.
  • Trim time in invoice date in report.
  • Show RI number in account statement【AR-02】.
  • When credit terms = 0, print the name of payment method instead of COD on invoice.
  • Add to 4 d.p. for commission rate.
  • Show Chinese in user access right setting.
  • Search customer by phone number with partial match.
  • Hide customers' warehouses in mobile receive goods UI.
  • Allow void completed return inwards.
  • Add User Field 1 to 5 and birthday in Import company .
  • Add storage code in report Stock out details per transaction【LOGI_27】 .

  • Allow embed coupon code in url so that email can use the url directly instead of asking the user to enter coupon code during checkout.Click here to get guide,
  • In MOSES Net, if inventory qty is set, use that to override the real time inventory so that user can control which items can be sold even without stock.
  • In MOSES Net, add setting of "Show stock when stock is below". For example, if the setting is set to be 2, then when stock is 1 (<=2), item details page show "Only 1 left" to push customer making decision .

  • User can set auto logout in POS(Configure POS Station> Options).
  • User who can Edit "POS Site" can change POS program configuration.
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