New functions in Oct 2013


  1. Search by "Sales Rep" in sales order is added
  2. Added "Clone" function in purchase order
  3. Purchase order has added new fields "Supplier Batch No.", "Custom Lot No.", and "Item Expiry Date" in each order line.  These information can be pre-filled in purchase order before receiving goods.
  4. Sales order line has added new fields for the range of  acceptable product life of the item sold. In previous version, goods are allocated in either "First in first out" or "Last in first out" depending on system setting.  That means either the oldest or newest items will be sold.  The new order line product life setting allows you to sell items which have minimum product life (as requested by specific customers) or maximum product life (as in the case of clearance sales of near expire items).  The specific product life requirements can be preset in customer profile.
  5. Import Purchase Order screen is enhanced to include the new option "Buy associated items".  If the option is selected, then for all imported purchase items, their associated items, if any, will also be purchased.  However, the associated items must have preferred vendor and purchase price defined.  Otherwise, error will be thrown by the system.
  6. New user interfaces customized for using in mobile computers have been added.  These interfaces are mainly used for the logistic process: 
    • Check stock
    • Receive goods
    • Pick goods for sales order
    • Pack goods for sales order
  7. New screen Logistic > Inventory > Unpicked Sales Order List is added to list all unpicked sales order to facilitate logistic departments to print new sales orders for picking goods.
  8. Customer specific item code can be added for each item.  That means you can store the specific item codes used in your customers' own systems in MOSES.
  9. The bug where award points gained cannot be used on the same day has been fixed.


  1. Stock transfer can be performed only when user has the right "Add" in Stock Transfer in ERP.  If user also has the rights "Approve" and "Allocate" in Stock Transfer, then the added stock transfer will be approved and allocated automatically.  Otherwise, it needs another user to approve it in ERP.
  2. Receive stock transfer can be performed only when user has the right 'Receive" in Stock Transfer in ERP.
  3. Quick transfer function is added in for each sales order line. User can right click on an order line to launch the Quick Transfer screen.  Then user can enter the quantities of items to be transferred from one or more warehouses to the sales order warehouse to create stock transfer record(s).
  4. Order line details screen is enhanced to allow input of warehouse and "Required product life"
  5. Order details screen is added to allow input of "Payment method" and "Customer order ref" for sales order.
  6. New option "Use +/- key to change quantity" is added in Configuration.  When this option is selected, pressing + or minus key in the barcode input box will cause the quantity to be increased or decreased by 1.  If the option is not selected, then the letter "+" or "-" will be inputted as part of the barcode/item code.
  7. New option "Prompt quantity after inputting item" is added in Configuration.  When this option is selected, cursor will stop in quantity box after inputting barcode/item code.  This will make the input more easier if the sales quantity is usually more than 1.
  8. New option "Prompt warehouse when inputting order" is added in configuration.  If this option is selected, then user will be prompted to select warehouse for each sales order.
  9. The bug of missing buttons for serial number and item options has been fixed.
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