New functions in Nov 2014


  1. Allowed changing unit price in receive goods even the item has been used.
  2. ITEM_01 added brand.
  3. Added PO number in Payment Voucher Report.
  4. Added AR & AP remark in system generated journal.
  5. Added cost center filter in GL_Activity.
  6. Added cost center in AR journals.
  7. Added "tag" in export fields of Consignment Summary.
  8. Added clone item type function.
  9. Added total amount and signature line at bottom in Consignment Delivery Note printout.
  10. Avoid adding page break within an item line in consignment Delivery Note printout.
  11. Added stock value in Export Inventory.
  12. Added criteria brand, customer in INVO_28.
  13. Allow changing sales type before posting.
  14. Changed AR account according to the latest customer type.
  15. Added cost center & remark in close cash drawer journal.
  16. Changed the date format of invoice remark, when use contact to bill invoice.The date format e.g.11 Oct 2014 
  17. Allowed void a receive goods line.
  18. Allowed importing invoice using customer part number.
  19. Search Return Invoice by item code and brand.
  20. Allowed export PO data.
  21. Allowed using parent's warehouse in consignment.
  22. If a customer has no invoice but just credit note, then still produce accounts statement AR_02.
  23. Modified PO format.
  24. Added sales type attribute in Analysis.
  25. Allowed modifying tag in SO and invoice.
  26. If stock transfer source and destination warehouses have the same inventory account, then do not generate journal.
  27. Added date range in Analysis (web edition).
  28. Set file name = invoice number if only one invoice is included in a batch.
  29. Added item parameter in report LOGI_01.
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