New functions in Nov 2013


  1. Reports LOGI_19 & LOGI_21 have been modified to include new parameters of shipping method and shipper.
  2. Sales Order Shipping List (Logistic > Shipping > Sales Order Shipping List) is modified to include shipping method.
  3. "Brand" has been added in MOSES.  Each item can belongs to one brand. Product analysis code can be added in brand.  If an item has no product analysis code assigned, then its brand's product analysis code is used.
  4. Sales Analysis is modified to include the following new dimensions: Brand, Warehouse and Parent Company.
  5. Stock take can be done based on item brand.
  6. Tag is added in sales order and invoice.  It can be used for marking sales order and invoice for special indication.
  7. Price list update has a new Excel template "Price Matrix".  Price matrix has Customer Price Groups arranged as column headings.  This makes the spreadsheet more easy to be read.  However this template cannot be used to update prices of quantity breaks.
  8. Bonus Point screen (Cust/Vendor > Biz Partner > Bonus Point) is modified to have heading "Points left" renamed to "Usable Points".
  9. When doing adhoc return inwards (i.e. return inwards without invoice), default selling price will be suggested for user.  If unit cost is left blank, then default purchase price, if any, will be used as the unit cost of the returned items.


  1. Sales order can be cloned in POS.
  2. Stock balance in sales order is enhanced to be refreshed according to selected warehouse and expiry date requirements.
  3. Order of sales order lines can be rearranged by right clicking the order line.    
  4. Sales order can have sales type, tag and payment method assigned in POS.
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