New functions in Jul 2016


1. Coupon and Redeemable Items are enhanced to allow users to select whether it can be used with other coupons.

2. Bundle filtering function is enhanced to allow users include or exclude Item Type, Brand and Product Price Group.

3. Select Item Combobox now accepcts inputting barcode directly.

4. Coupon Condition added "Only applicable on item type", which accepts only for item with specific item type.

5. The Refund Date in PO Deposit is allowed to be input.

6. Reports PURO_02 and PURO_06 is enhanced to add two new parameters: [Item], [Vendor].

7. If printing Journal is more than one page, the journal number will be shown on the bottom of each page.

8. POS Site is enhanced so that users can control which payment methods will be available in individual site.

9. Import consigned goods can be void now.

10. Users now can update Customers' custom data using Excel.


1. Allow selecting Customer Price Group when adding new customer.

2. RMA List is enhanced to show Internal Note Remark.


1. When user register in MOSES Net and the email is found already exist in ERP, MOSES Net is modified to force reset of password and email is sent to customer to explain.

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