New functions in Jul 2015


  • Add new report【RETI_01 】: List of return inwards.
  • Add print stock transfer labels in Print labels.
  • Add parameter of customer in 【INVO_20】 Invoice Report With Return Inwards.
  • Modify report 【INVO_20】 to include sales type and tag.
  • Add exchange rate in return outwards.
  • When doing RI in POS, goods will be returned to the warehouse of the shop doing the RI but not the original invoice warehouse.
  • Allow voiding a "Completed production order".
  • Allow searching SO by created user.
  • PO printout for receiving goods: no price but include vendor lot number, expiry date, internal note, vendor part number.
  • Include storage code in report 【LOGI_27】Stock out details per transaction.
  • Import company includes User Field 1 to 5 and birthday.
  • Add predefined remarks .
  • Note:
  • How to set predefined remarks: (1) Main Menu > Admin > Predefined Text; (2) Click add new; (3)Enter predefined text type and text. (4) Main Menu > Sales > Sales Order, you can select predefined remark or internal note.
  •  Allow user to delete exporting setting.
  • Add warranty period in importing new items.
  • Add POS Site, Credit Note, Final Invoice, Final SO fields in 【RETI_01】 reportList of Return Inwards (Summary) .
  • When Checking SN in POS, show the Sales Representative and local invoice number, click the transaction number to show the transaction detail.
  • In staff information under HR module, add employment date and leaving date field (as well as the staff list report).
  • Allow change vendor for receive purchase (PO).
  • List price can be included when importing new items.

  • Allow search SO by online order number in POS.
  • In POS Receipt, Print out the ERP invoice number.
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