New functions in Sep 2013


  1. Report SALE_02 is modified to include sales representative


  1. Banner type "Login & Register" has been split into two independent types "Login" and "Registration".  That means you can now have independent banners in login screen and user registration screen.  Previous banners with type "Login & Register" have been converted to "Login " type and appear in login screen only.
  2. SMTP setting is added in Web Site Setting.  If you fill in the SMTP setting, then your online shop will send email through your own email server instead of the default server that we provided.  Sending out emails through your own SMTP server can reduce the chance of have your emails treated as spam mails.


  1. Customer addresses and contacts can be selected in dropdowns in Shipping Details screen.
  2. Shipping method is now shown in Order format "Order_210mm_cht_01".
  3. When inputting sales orders, user can see the stock in all order lines.
  4. User can edit order line details to modify remark, internal note and warehouse.
  5. POS program can no longer login disabled workstation.
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