New functions in Mar 2016


1. Report LOGI_02 is modified to include brand of items

2. When importing stock transfer or stock adjustment using Excel files, a new option is included to control whether importing associated items together or not.

3. A new check stock screen is added (Logistic > Inventory > Check Stock (Size Matrix) to facilitate checking stocks of all colours and sizes

4. New report LOGI_ChkStock2 is added to show stock in colour.size matrix format

5. New report LOGI_ChkStock3 is added to show stock together with item image and sales and purchase records

6. Stock take function is enhanced to allow user to upload an alternate format of Excel file which is in colour/size matrix format

7. Search business partners by email now supports partial match.  In other words, user can search all business partners with email ending with

8. Report LOGI_25 is enhanced to accept brand and item type parameter

9. Adding AR and AP now cannot have dates earlier than the dates of deposits used

10. Sales Analysis not includes customer price group and profit calculated by average cost

11. Report COUP_05 is enhanced to to show email of customers

12. Report LOGI_04 is enhanced to have brand and item type parameter

13. Consignment print out is enhanced to show consignment number with barcode

14. User can search consignments using item code

15. Added option "Use item code as barcode" in system setting.  If it is checked, then new item will use item code as barcode (instead of auto gen)

16. Allow inputting "Reason" when importing stock adjustment

17. Report PURO_01 and PURO_08 are enhanced to exclude items which do not need purchase

18. When importing new purchase orders using ImportPOColorSize.xls, user can input colour names

19. Stock adjustment is modified to use date of adjustment to update stock instead of current date

20. Stock transfer is enhanced to allow user to "Undo" a received transfer

21. Stock transfer is enhanced to allow user to search by item code

22. Sales bundle is enhanced to allow defining excluded item code pattern and the amount when the bundle should repeat

23. Printing proforma invoice is enhanced to allow user to state the amount or percentage of deposits requested.

24. Production order is enhanced to allow user setting the date of completion

25. Production order remark will be copied to journal


1. If online shop has referral scheme, then new member registration will be prompted for email of referrer.

2. Allow merchant to define a different customer price group for new member if she/he is referred by existing member.

3. Item details page in mobile device is improved to have the "Buy" button always visible even though the item have very long detailed description.

4. "My Coupon" is enhanced to show the remaining quota of unused coupons


1. Shipment schedule including sales orders and stock transfers can be viewed in POS.


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