New functions in Sep 2018


  1. Added "Allow over price" setting in System Setting. The setting controls whether user can sell higher than list price.
  2. Bundle can be used in backend ERP
  3. Added Bundle Tester to test bundle before launch. Bundle has a flag 'Hold for test" to make the bundle not effective in actual sales but can be tested in bundle tester.
  4. Option "Price include tax" is added to allow tax already included in selling price
  5. Allow inputting serial number in Receive Purchase
  6. Bundle will check against master item code in addition to item code
  7. Added Data Warehouse function to replace Analysis
  8. Added option to allow not using corporation rate to calculate exchange difference
  9. Added new report AP_03 Unused purchase deposit
  10. Added new report AR_14 Unused sales deposit as at date
  11. Added new report PROD_03 to show component cost of a production order


  1. VAT function is added
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