New functions in Apr 2014


  1. “Consignment” has been added in MOSES.  It can be used for consigning goods to other parties. (sales->consign to customer)
  2. “Shadow warehouse” has been added in MOSES. If you want to reserve goods for some purposes, e.g. reserve goods for a specific customer, without physical movement of inventory, you can transfer the goods to a shadow warehouse. Actual location of inventory can still be located. (logistic->inventory->warehouse)
  3. Customized report has launched.  Users can choose and combine any items together to export report in Excel format. (reports->export data->export sales)
  4. “Product life requirement”  has been added to sales order to allocate stock with specified expiry date range, e.g. shelf life at least 12 months.  The “Product life requirement” preference can be set in Customer master.
  5. “Copies of invoice” has been added. Typically, every invoice has 3 copies (Original, Accounts Copy & Delivery Note).  However some customers may have special requirements, e.g. 2 copies of delivery note and no original invoice copy.  These kindsof requirements can now be set in Customer master.
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