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   Citylink Electronics Limited was serveing Mobile products and digital technology for 20 years since 1995. Citylink employ up to 200 staff as professional team and provide products including mobile phone, digital camera, tablet computer and professional after sales services. (Citylink Electronics Limited is the market leader of retail company in paralled import of mobile phones in this 9 years.) Citylink Electronics Limited also being a largest Retail-Sales Group provide Parallel Import mobile phone to customer with 18 months warranty.
   Our hotel’s patisserie has a gourmet selection of homemade cakes, breads, sandwiches and salads. Delectable dishes are freshly prepared for you daily. We are dedicated to bring the most authentic taste of French pastries to delight every customer. Regal Patisserie is the best place to share your joy with your beloved one, family and friends through a delightful variety of pastries.
   deBebe.com.hk is an online platform for you smart shopper, shopping for both mum and your bub. We are carrying high variety of high quality baby products at competitive price. We source carefully each and every product we carry, making sure they are the best choice for you and your precious little one. Quality, health, and safety are the major criteria for choosing the products we carry. So, you can be sure what you buy from us are the most reliable one in its category.

   Scuba Monster Underwater Photography & Diving Equipment is established as a specialist of underwater photography education and equipment.
   We aim at promoting sustainable, secure and eco-friendly diving sport, at the same keep improving our service, so as to strengthen our leading position in the diving industry and to promote us as a renowned label. Our core value is to fulfill corporate social responsibility, of which makes the next generation be able to enjoy a healthy and eco-friendly life style and happiness from the underwater world, meanwhile minimizing waste of geo-resources, dedicating for environment.
   Pikrit.com is a versatile shopping network, shopping, information, and entertainment videos. Our most important is the quality of the goods and customer requirements to provide the most convenient and quality service.
 We use quality ingredients and you will taste the difference. Our motto is that our creations look BEAUTIFUL and also DELICIOUS. This is what sets us apart. How it tastes is as equally important as how great it looks. This means a lot of attention to detail. We use real butter, fresh eggs, Belgium chocolate, pure cream and high quality ingredients because this is what our discerning customers expect from a cake or dessert from Sweet Secrets. Everything is made fresh at our premises.
   100% made in Australia ingredients
Oz Kids understands the physiological uniqueness of the Asian babies. The milk powder contains GOS(Galacto-oligosaccharides, GOS is added to infant formula because it assists with infant gut health by promoting beneficial bacteria to thrive in the infant’s immature digestive system. And Lutein is added to Oz Kids formula, it is well known for eye health. It promotes digestion by improving the body’s food absorption, making it easier for the baby to assimilate the full nutritional value.


 RIVA Jewellery is an online jewellery shop offering numerous kinds of jewels. Before using MOSES, it adopted another system which can only support some simple functions. As Riva Jewellery has large amount of transaction everyday, they have to use separated systems to deal with the accounting and stock management before using MOSES. However, MOSES let it handle all the transaction and stock management at one time, which speed up the transaction process. In addition, Riva Jewellery has outlets in different countries, MOSES let it centralizes all management in one system. MOSES POS also supports offline transaction, which allows Riva Jewelery deal with transaction at exhibitions.
   Mixx is a remarkable Hong Kong originated brand registered in Europe. Main products are fashion jewelry and fashion electronic products. With excellent design team, leading-edge technology and innovation as market positioning. Our focuses on developing fashionable, innovative jewelry & electronic products. We has successfully developed sparkling and vivid jewelry earphones and fashionable USB flash drive accessories to meet the high demanding market & wide personality of customer group needs.
   Miss Ginger is founded by a Hong Kong writer, Color Keung. Despite of being a writer, Color is a photographer as well as a designer who takes most of the product shots and designs innovative products (Ginger's Crafts) in miss-ginger.com. Color, who recovered from a deadly disease 12 years ago, has been developed her showbiz and backstage career which spark her thinking and creativity.Motto of Color: Happy work and life, pretty face and heart.
   With care and empathy, we strive to scout around for a collection of safe, reliable and quality organic health food and nutrition supplementary products from all over the world, aiming at inspiring and sharing the concept of organic diets, the concept of enhancing innate immunity through wholesome food with all families in communities within our reach. We seek to provide tasty, healthy, natural and earth-friendly organic foods to people we care about, in order that their physical well-being could be uplifted and maintained.
    Headquartered in Yuen Long since 2003, Homeplace Kitchen has been greatly favoured by the neighbourhood over the years. The family business has recently been taken over by the second generation, who initiates to spice up the traditional food with new elements, creating brand new flavours to tap into the younger market. By blending Italian black truffles with goose liver sausages, a unique flavour is created.
   Eating healthily already becomes a trend all over the world. More families now are looking for higher nutritional value of food. Our theme is to bring in more varieties of natural and organic food, to enable more families can really eat healthy and live healthy!

 此網站為深圳市恩希电子商务有限公司旗下品牌-CANVAUS卡恩希的主要銷售平台.CANVAUS卡恩希 – 主營時尚職業女裝.
   Links Couture is about style, trend, and design. We offer cufflinks which are suitable for various occasions, not only for formal event or business occurrence. You would find different kind of geeks and techies cufflinks in Links Couture for your geeky friends as well.
   Welspring 康泉 is an organic fair-trade health food store. We import quality foods and beverage, food supplements, personal care (facial, oral, body, female hygiene) and eco-friendly household cleaning supplies to support you and your family to live healthier and better. Our products are natural, organic, gluten free, fair trade, vegetarian or raw.
   metos.com.hk will provide accurate health related information regularly. Our users will gain and accumulate knowledge that we can collect and manage our own health data in daily life. We like to recommend quality products which will enhance our Health quality and live confidently. It is our target to develop mobile App and cloud storage for our members which will provide a mean to store our health data securely. We can retrieve it as required for reviewing our health status or support medical use.
    At hingfatflora.com, our goal is to help you develop your ideas, express your wishes and sentimental thoughts. We also aim to enhance the ambiance of your living and corporate workplace with our unique range of floral designs and fresh flowers from all over the world! Now, the “World of Flowers” is just a click of a button or a phone call away.
   Dear stylish mom and dad, if you are looking for some latest fashion trend, lifestyle news and practical parenting skills, you must have LOVE KIDS app. LOVE kids is an interactive app + digital magazine, to let you know more about your kids, and you can share your interesting thoughts with your friend on facebook wall through our app. So you can leave your comment and even upload photos there!
 The Green Olive Limited has been serving retail and catering section in Hong Kong. We import fine food products mainly from Italy, France, Malaysia and Thailand. We also acts as a sole and exclusive importer and distributor of Ottavia Olive Oil, Manfredi Barbera Olive Oil, Faraci Pasta, Mussini Balamic Vinegar, Tomato products for Hong Kong and Taiwan market.
   Founded in 2009, the first luxury indoor CQB wargame center in Hong Kong, Impact Force supports Airsoft (war gaming) like no one else. We offer the best and safest Airsoft environment, with a goal to help the sport of Airsoft grow bigger. Impact Force’s first walk-in store for retail customers was started in 2012, which was developed by Impact Force’s Chairman- Billy Chong.

Wine Stone is a Germany Wine wholesaler. There are about 140 grape varieties grown in Germany, and the most grown are Riesling and Müller-Thurgau (or Rivaner), among the roughly two dozen others found in the market. The 13 wine growing regions mark the diversity German wines can offer. These regions are some of the most northerly wine growing regions in the world.     There are no clearer wine labels in the world than the German wine labels! All the strict requirements for the German producers make wine users the ultimate beneficiaries.

HANALIE is a brand that believes in delivering feminine and facile ensembles that would find a home in every woman’s wardrobe.
We aim to produce versatile collections that possess the effortless thrown- together aesthetic. “Trend is ephemeral. Style is eternal.” is the core value of our label.


Rass Language is a distributor of kid’s books. It also runs online shop and retail books and teaching materials of different aspects, includes audio CDs, animated DVD etc. As there are many different kinds of products, Rass Language uses MOSES to manage the variety of stock, such as stock purchase, stock sold, stock return and delivery etc. MOSES can also stock level alert functions, which help it to purchase stock just in time and prevent overstocking. Rass language only need to login MOSES and is able to browse all the stock level at warehouse and alteration of stock anytime anywhere.



Halls Winery is a red wine shop selling red wine from France, Spanish, Italy and other countries. The staff need to purchases red wine from rest of the world everyday, MOSES supports them to generate different purchase documents, e.g. purchase order, supplier receipt etc., accelerate their transaction time. Employees only need to input the purchase information once and MOSES will automatically update the data to all other parts. In addition, MOSES’s out of stock alert will remind them to make purchase orders, which prevents the stock shortage leading to loss of transaction.

   Diamond Resolution is a diamond shop with customers around the world. It offers various jewellery including diamond, gold, white gold and pearls etc. MOSES launched a tailor made business management system for diamond and jewellery industry with unique functions such as diamond search engine, customers can choose their beloved diamond based on color, price, weight and shape etc. Besides, the system behind can let Diamond Resolution to handle sales order and manage every transaction process. It can expand its business over all the China cities through MOSES Net. MOSES Net is the best channel for those jewellery shops which do not have retail or wholesales license in mainland china.
   零食館 is a snack shop which has 5 outlets in Hong Kong selling over 3000 types of products. Before using MOSES, it took more than 2 hours to stock take and stock order everyday. However, MOSES supports all the stock management, saving time in stock take and re-order. The out of stock alert function also help零食館 to stock back-order in time. The transfer note is also useful for their stock transfer to other shops.
   Auden is a mushroom shop selling self farmed mushrooms. Auden has a product line and MOSES supports the management of every production process. For example, production cost calculation, raw material cost, seed order and other material list etc. The production management can also integrate with other aspects, such as purchase, sales and accounting etc., which is a real one-stop management system.
   Scuba System is a diving products wholesaler. It uses MOSES to manage accounting and finance, such as profit and cost calculation, stock management, quotation, invoice and receipt generation. Through MOSES, Scuba System can generate different financial statements for sales and marketing analysis. It can also browse the profit and loss statement and balance sheet etc. for easy financial control. In addition, account receivable and payable management is also allowed through MOSES and the statements generated can be used for tax return.
   FEIFAH is a food shop selling variety of special food, for instance durian moon cakes that was launched in 2005 and became the popular moon cake brand. FEIFAH has launched the e-commerce platform for customers to give suggestions conveniently.
   Marinetone is an online shop selling over 3000 diving products and underwater photographic equipments in more than 20 brands.

   Ecotec is a natural paint shop selling products mainly imported from Germany. Natural living has variety of products, including paints, house ware, health products, body care and pet products etc. MOSES supports numerous products management as well as for different size, weight, bar code, unit, graphic etc. letting Natural Living to centralize the product management. Besides, Natual Living can import an excel comprising product information and all the other data in the system will be updated simultaneously. Employees can save a lot of time in stock take and allow them to manage more efficiently.
   WineLot is an online store selling red wine, champagne and wedding wine etc.
   HipGifts.com.hk is an online shop, strive to provide the best buy and innovation products to the customers.
   Francesca & Giovanni is a cake shop which also provide chocolate fondue fountain for wedding, celebrations and corporate events etc. It serves the premium fondue chocolate on Sephra chocolate fountains which are selected by many 5 star hotels and restaurant worldwide.
   Now store is an online Rubik’s cube store. It expanded to retail stores in CausewayBay and Mongkok within 2 years.
   目一親子 is an online platform providing parental coupons, articles and for parents’ sharing etc.
   Priceless.com is an online coupon shop selling variety of coupons of large retailers, e.g. supermarkets, electronic stores, restaurants etc. Priceless attracted many members and MOSES allow it to preset discounts to them. Different visitors would use different logins to browse the special prices for their groups. More, discounts are also applicable to the bulk purchase transaction.
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