In the Creative Design Sector

Up Mug

"Our main product is "hang your hangers" is a custom-made gift that based on guests provide hangers name, color, size, and other personal information. So use a general system cannot fulfill our requirements. Before use MOSES,we receive orders by e-mail and even deal with payment by email. I have to use manpower to design and arrange goods, logistics and payments.When I am not at ofice, the employees will work with a lot of issues until I answer back to the company, productivity is very low. Therefore, I seek a comprehensive shop management system.

Then I select MOSES. All these problems resolved immediately. Employees who use the system to process orders, efficiency instant increased by 60%, while the error rate is reduced by 10%. Thank you MOSES helped me to deal with these issues, so I can concentrate on business development.Via MOSES NET, Now it displayed products and kinds of combination to customers. By Facebook marketing, it captured many customers to visit the website, and as well as the website attracted many customers to buy. MOSES help to build brand and customer loyalty.


 In the Lifestyle Sector

Diving HK

They are the most well established PADI Five Stars Career development centre in Hong Kong with most advance teaching facilities in our education centre. Nonetheless, They provide One-Stop Service for customers with over thousands of dive equipment with best quality assurance and after sales services.

In aim of promoting their business via online marketing to capture more people , they selected MOSES as their online platform. With MOSES platform, they launched their own online shop. It is very easy to operation. And even make an accomplish of selling diving courses and diving equipment online.


 In the Wholesale & Retail Sector

Now Store

Now Store is for selling Cube store. The shop has been open for two years and opened two shops in Hong Kong.

Now Store was founded by Calvin Fan, initially only part-time on eBay and yahoo online sale Cube , then the business grew up quickly, he began to realize the traditional way via eBay and yahoo have many shortcomings, lack of many management function. Because of the increased orders and more workload, such as shipping and calculating profits , it is difficult to manage time. Later Calvin through a friend introduced MOSES to open an online shop, one stop system that can management wholesale and retail. By MOSES, the sales increased by 336% , and keep a steady growth year by year.



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