In the Wholesale & Retail Sector

Hing Fat Flora

HING FAT FLOWER sources fresh flowers from various regions and uses MOSES to complete one-stop purchase, sale and delivery operations. Initially, HING FAT FLOWER was a fresh flower supplier specialized in fresh flower wholesale. Later, they began their retail operations using MOSES Online Shop to open up retail market. Online Shop features high efficiency and flexibility, and can easily deal with business opportunities during holidays. For Valentine’s Day, for example, fresh flowers have to be delivered on the same day to keep fresh. In addition, specific strategy has to be implemented in packing, matching and pricing. Faced with great transport pressure, only Online Shop is flexible enough to implement short-term marketing strategy and quick market promotion. For the flawless MOSES webpage, information is updated systematically. As a result, it flexibly deals with market opportunities, automatically processes order arrangement, systematically arranges delivery sequence, and provides automatic function to select optimal delivery time. In addition to Internet-based market promotion, they can seize every business opportunity. Furthermore, they assign a specific department to manage Online Shop to minimize resource input and maximize their customer base.


 In the Cosmetic Sector


Gardenia is the name of a flower. They hope that can provide quality service to all, help choose the best products so as to improve self confidence, benefit for social communication.Due to the rents are too expensive in Hong Kong, they cannot develop within a short time so they hope to serve people through online shopping platform!

For this purpose, they selected MOSES as the transaction platform. With MOSES platform, they established their own E-shop. E-shop is easy to operate. That is, storekeeper can use basis computer software to update web pages even if he is not good in PC operation. What’s more important, this system is convenient and fast. Through E-shop, it helps customers to establish their own brands with outstanding images.


 In the Healthcare Sector

We Swiss

As a nature lover, The founder of WeSwhiss believe that natural is the final answer. He hope that our lives can reach the standard of Switzerland, our family can live as comfortable as the nature, and people can share health. That’s why he set up WE SWISS.

He wanted to sale this concept and nature product via online, then select MOSES as online shop platform. We help to design product pictures and build website pages.



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