In the Catering Sector

Sweet Secrets

Implementation of MOSES POS may reduce waiting time for customers. After implementing MOSES POS system, Sweetsecrets can handle customers’ orders easily and flexibly. The overall operating process will not slow down even when they have to handle large volumes of orders. Instead, operation becomes more efficient, thus substantially reducing waiting time for customers.

MOSES POS features unified reporting. This system integrates the sales information of individual Sweetsecrets stores and generates a detailed report to give a clear picture of sales information for individual stores such that users may access relevant information of individual stores in a flexible manner. In addition, users may also use the detailed information from the report to analyze consumption mode of individual stores or overall customers to optimize their business strategy.


 In the Lifestyle Sector

Dog One Life

DOG ONE LIFE is a Japanese-owned pet care and service center engaged in providing one-stop coverall pet services. In addition to selling pets, they also provide products to meet the clothing, food, shelter and travelling needs of pets. With 3 stores in Hong Kong, they mainly use Moses ERP and MOSES POS systems to manage and handle their day-to-day retail operations.

Like other small and medium enterprises, DOG ONE LIFE is also faced with the challenges of hiking price and fluctuating exchange rate. Instable incoming price affects their pricing policy. MOSES becomes the only solution for DOG ONE LIFE to deal with the above challenges. The system automatically calculate incoming price for various batches and reconcile pricing based on average cost to ensure profitability. In addition, the MOSE computerized FIFO system provides intelligent prompting for inventory management and intelligent replenishment. As a result, it can help minimize inventory level while avoiding stockout. The 3 DOG ONE LIFE stores are located in different regions. Assisted by MOSES POS, they can have different pricing for different customer groups. In addition, they can record the customers’ consumption habits to help formulate specific consumer strategy. Also, they can have uniform and/or separate statements (concerning sales value, sales statistics, product profit distribution…). For large and small enterprises with physical stores and online stores, MOSES POS is the only system in Hong Kong to link physical stores with online stores. One key to update product catalog, information and pricing, making it a flexible and convenient solution.


 In the Mother & baby Care

deBebe is an online platform for you smart shopper, shopping for both mum and your bub. They are carrying high variety of high quality baby products at competitive price. They source carefully each and every product they carry, making sure they are the best choice for you and your precious little one. Quality, health, and safety are the major criteria for choosing the products we carry. So, you can be sure what you buy from deBebe are the most reliable one in its category.

MOSES help deBebe build website, ERP and POS. Thus all-in-one solution make their workload less, put much effort on selling. MOSES system connected to each of the branches of POS tools, such as cash registers, bar code and other products , can collection, print invoices , immediate cancellation of the deal , Butterfield- payments , even without Internet access can also operate as usual , will not due to network relationships affect their business .MOSES has the ability to set different prices according to different customers ,also give customer groups or individual members different discounts.



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