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ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is popular among the large corporations. MOSES ERP was developed by Popular IT that tailor made for SMEs to manage their online shop, sales, purchases, accounting, stock, retail, production and logistic etc. Management can check the stock balance or financial status whenever they want. Besides, the ERP system can integrate with online shop platform, MOSES Net and retail management system, MOSES POS, providing a one stop full functioned business management solution to SMEs.


MOSES Net is an online shop platform with all rounded functions for easy online transaction management. It integrated with MOSES ERP system to supports intelligent online shop management for convenient online transaction.


MOSES POS is the only retail system in Hong Kong that can integrate with online shop functions. Its all rounded functions include stock selling, receipt printing, accounting and price management etc. It is also applicable to more than 1 outlet, centralized management of different outlets is also allowed. 


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