Our Mission

Nowadays computer is very popular with minimum costs. However, business resources management system is only applied by large corporations due to resources limitation. Moreover, most of the SMEs are using human resources to handle the computerized work. Our mission is to encourage and assist SMEs to use information technology to improve their productivity and enhance competitiveness.

 Our Solution & Service

One-stop computerized business management system is expensive to acquire in the market, with hundreds thousands dollars installation costs. SMEs is always suffered from resources shortage, thus, a low cost, high return and steady system is definitely the best solution for SMEs. Because of this demand from SMEs, we invented an one-stop solution with adoption of software as a service (SaaS) this concept to let SMEs using the best business solution by monthly payment.


Chinese name of MOSES, 營商易 means support SMEs for easy business management, while MOSES is the name of the great prophet, MOSES in bible old testament. He led Israel to escape from Egypt and use the God’s stick to separate the Red Sea.

The wording “Red Sea” is also meaningful in the modern business world. The book “Blue Ocean Strategy” written by Kim and Mauborgne described that “red sea” with all of blood is the only result for pricing competition. Therefore, the only way to survive is to develop the “blue sea”, which is the not yet developed market.
MOSES is the resources planning system that we invented for SMEs, which is a low price but one-stop business management solution. Let them lower their costs and prevent information or customer loss caused by human mistakes. This acts like leading SMEs to walk though the red sea to develop their own blue sea market.
Are you striving to make a good future to your business? Information technology can assist you a lot in business running but it costs hundreds thousands. Because of this, MOSES serves as the best solution with minimum costs for SMEs in managing their business successfully. For enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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