ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) is popular among the large corporations. MOSES ERP was developed by Popular IT that tailor made for SMEs to manage their online shop, sales, purchases, accounting, stock, retail, production and logistic etc. Management can check the stock balance or financial status whenever they want. Besides, the ERP system can integrate with online shop platform, MOSES Net and retail management system, MOSES POS, providing a one stop full functioned business management solution to SMEs.

 Uniqueness of MOSES ERP

  • Handle daily operation anytime anywhere via internet, e.g. quotation or invoice or receipt generation
  • Detail report generation for business analysis, allows accurate profit margin or net profit calculation etcIntegrate with online shop and retail management system and allows centralization of online shop, retail and wholesales management

 Other Features and Functions

  • One stop computerized business management, including online shop, sales, retail, accounting, purchase, stock, logistic and production management
  • Data input will be automatic updated for other related departments
  • Intelligent quotation, invoice, receipt generation
  • Accurate calculation of profit margin and net profit
  • Different authorization settings for different parties
  • Check out the financial status anytime anywhere via internet
  • Data import and export to specific format, data includes customers, suppliers, products and receipts etc.
  • Alert setting for acquire instant information
  • Sales commission calculation
  • Product unit setting
  • Consignment product management
  • Numerous reports for analysis, e.g. daily sales report, stock status, product sales reports etc., they can be exported to Excel, PDF, HTML, Image format
  • Authorization of report viewing

  Sales Management

  • Intelligent quotation, receipt and invoice generation
  • Check the sales status, e.g. sales level everyday, product sales level and trend etc.
  • Check out the sales record of each customers
  • Import and Export of data, e.g. customers, suppliers, products and receipt etc.
  • Different authorization setting for different departments
  • Automatic sales commission calculationView the sales information of consignment goods
  • View the sales information of consignment goods
  • Provide numerous analysis report, e.g. costs and sales analysis, stock level, product sales report etc., which can be export to excel, pdf, html and Image format etc
  • Automatic updates sales data to all other departments

  Purchase Management

  • Intelligent document generation such as purchase order, supplier invoice etc.
  • Different authorization setting for different departments
  • Purchase order setting
  • Authorization of functions for different parties
  • Out of stock alert
  • Purchase data input will be automatic updated for other related departments
  • Supplier and products management
  • Integrate with product management to chase the quotation of suppliers for merchandising the right amount with the lowest costs

  Stock Management

  • Batch, batch number, serial number, expiry date and production date setting
  • Stock level and transfer record checking anytime
  • Trace the stock level alteration
  • Broken, written off, temporary use, internal transfer and maintenance of stock management
  • Our of stock alert to avoid shortage
  • Unit of product setting
  • Support management for multiple warehouses
  • Consignment product management

  Accounting Management

  • Account Receivable, account payable and total balance
  • Handle prepayment and deposit
  • Profit and loss checking
  • Centralization operation management of multi-departments
  • Unlimited accounting items/ levels setting

  Product Management

  • Unlimited product categorization
  • Average and exact product cost calculation
  • Unit of measurement setting
  • Support multiple size, weight, code, unit and photo

  Price Management

  • Price alteration anytime
  • Price and discount setting for different customer groups, e.g. members, non-members and groups etc.
  • Discount setting for different purchase quantity
  • Support multi- currencies, free exchange rate setting
  • Support various price setting
  • Retail and wholesale pricing setting
  • Bottom price setting, avoid under priced

  Logistic Management

  • Delivery charge calculation based on different products and different destinations
  • Delivery and Installation arrangement
  • Delivery methods setting, e.g. by air/ shipping

  Production Management

  • Production and raw material costing calculation
  • Support different sizes, codes, units and photos
  • Batch, serial number and cargo number etc.
  • Raw materials balance checking
  • Unlimited layer of raw material
  • Unlimited categorization of raw material
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